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A change in itinerary.  The forecast was calling for winds reaching 25-35 knots over the next couple days, so we decided last night that it would be best to make an early morning run up the coast past Ucluelet and duck in at Tofino where we could find anchorage in a spot called Mosquito Cove.  If the winds pick up as forecast, we’ll be better positioned to travel to Hotsprings Cove through more protected waters.  So we pull anchor at 0500 and pass Ucluelet on our way out of the Broken Islands.

Once on the outside we encounter some good swell, but the boats do fine and the crew is all still in chipper spirits when we arrive in Mosquito Bay.  Up the channel from Tofino we have a beautiful opportunity to get a shot of a bald eagle perched on the channel marker, and Deception calls out our first black bear sighting.  The bear was scavenging along the beach.

We set anchor in Mosquito Cove and then take the zodiacs to shore to see what we can see.  There are signs of bears along the beach – shallow depressions with mounded sand next to them where bears have been scavenging for clams or other sources of food.   Dave and Hunter of Ajax encounter a small snake that they believe to be a garter snake.   And we puzzle over the smaller bumps of sand with what look like clam holes – gooeyduck clams perhaps?

In the evening, Deception has invited the fleet over for some socializing.  Captain Brian provides the community with ferry service, bringing folks over with their appetizers and beverages tucked in their laps aboard the zodiac.

Credit-Alan Vercio 5.22.15



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