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April 1, 2016

Ahoy to all NWE friends and clients, I hope this e-mail finds all of you doing well and looking forward to the upcoming boating season.  We are right in the thick of making sure all of our charter boats receive their annual maintenance service.  I thought some of you might enjoy seeing the process we use to make sure you will have a trouble free experience when using one of our boats.  Click here to view our annual maintenance check list.  Be sure to let us know if you think we have overlooked anything. 

We are having our best booking season ever.  There are only six spots still open for our Alaska Mother Goose adventure, and three spots for the new San Juan Island Flotilla.  It does not seem possible that this year will be our 12th time for going north to Alaska with our fleet of boats.  Over the past years we’ve asked our clients to rate their experience on these trips and tell us what they have enjoyed the most.  Here is what they have told us:

  1. The people we have met who were cruising on the other boats were terrific.
  2. Whale viewing was spectacular.  Humpbacks bubble feeding, Orca’s coming completely out of the water time and time again.
  3. Multiple Brown bear sightings.  Watching them fish alongside the creeks filled with salmon.
  4. Magnificent glaciers with a wall over a mile wide.
  5. The awe of nature when a block of ice the size of a home caves off li9ke a cannon going off and creates a wave four feet high.
  6. Anchoring in a remote cove with just our group and breath taking scenery.
  7. Always felt safe.
  8. Most romantic time my husband and I have ever had.
  9. Loved the absence of TV, radio, cell phones, texts, e-mail, news updates, etc.
  10. Experience of a life time!!  Exceeded all expectations!

Don’t wait.  Call and reserve one of the last openings for this year before we sell out.


All the best,

Brian Signature

Brian Pemberton

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