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NW Explorations is Bellingham’s premier luxury yacht broker. Why? Because we are a long-trusted and experienced company. We know our yachts, and we take the time to know our customers. Whether conducting a yacht survey or price assessment, handling a tricky negotiation, or spearheading a marketing campaign, our expert brokers will always keep your best interests as their compass. With our yacht sales exceeding $28 million in the past six years, consider making NW Explorations your first port-of-call.

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1998 46′ Grand Banks Europa Name: Jokin Location: Bellingham, WA $399,000
Name: Jokin Yatch Details
2007 52’ GRAND BANKS EUROPA Name: Pinkerton Location: Bellingham, WA $979,000 Twin
Name: Pinkerton Yatch Details
2008 – 47’ GRAND BANKS CLASSIC Name: Morveren Location: Bellingham, WA $649,000 Twin
Name: Morveren Yatch Details
1999 49′ HAMPTON Name: Sunchaser Location: Bellingham, WA Price: $319,000 Twin
Name: Sunchaser Yatch Details
2007 38′ PACIFIC SEACRAFT TRAWLER Name: SCAPA Location: Bellingham $305,000 Twin
Name: SCAPA Yatch Details
2000 30′ NORSTAR 302 Name: Nevermind Location: Bellingham, WA Price: $115,000 Twin
Name: Nevermind Yatch Details
2005 36′ NORSTAR 360 Name: Diehler Location: Bellingham, WA Price: $299,900 Twin
Name: Diehler Yatch Details
2017 30′ CUTWATER 302 SPORT COUPE Name: Glacier II Location: Bellingham, WA Price: $219,000 - REDUCED PRICE! Twin
Name: Glacier II Yatch Details
2001 58′ KADEY-KROGEN PILOTHOUSE Name: Inception Located: Bellingham $975,000 Twin
Name: Inception Yatch Details





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2005 28′ EAGLECRAFT COMMUTER Name: Hank Location: Bellingham, WA Price: $159,000 - PRICE REDUCED! Twin


Name: Hank Yatch Details
1999 42′ GRAND BANKS CLASSIC Name: Tyee Location: Bellingham, WA $269,000 - REDUCED $60k! Twin


Name: Tyee Yatch Details
1993 49’ GRAND BANKS MOTORYACHT Name: Telita Location: Bellingham, WA $399,000 - REDUCED $50k! Twin


Name: Telita Yatch Details
2005 42′ GRAND BANKS CLASSIC Name: Change of Latitude Location: Bellingham, WA $399,000 Twin


Name: Change of Latitude Yatch Details
1988 50′ NORDIC PILOTHOUSE MOTORYACHT Name: Freedom Location: Bellingham Price: $237,500 Twin


Name: Freedom Yatch Details
46′ GRAND BANKS CLASSIC Name: Thea Starts at $5,996.25/wk Sleeps: 6


Name: Thea Yatch Details


Scott Blake Headshot
United States
Scott Blake
Broker, Bellingham 2004 - present T: 360-961-7028

FUN FACT: Scott bought his first GB at 27, then being afflicted so young, bought five more of various sizes and models over the lasts 25 years.

BIO: Scott has been with our company for 25 years, has been to the Grand Banks factory many times in the past, has run boats and enjoyed our flotillas from San Diego to Prince William Sound and has helped hundreds of customers buy and sell Grand Banks and other cruising yachts.

Ken Bowles Headshot
United States
Ken Bowles
Broker, Seattle 2010 - present T: 206-554-1642

FUN FACT: Ken entered the boating life at the age of 5 on east coast lakes aboard his family’s Catalina 30 houseboat—basically a tiny mobile home on an aluminum hull with a Johnson 40hp outboard stuck on the stern.

BIO: Growing up around boats, Ken has cruised the Intracoastal Waterway, sailed the Bahamas and Virgin Islands and spent that last 15 years enjoying the amazing cruising grounds of the Salish Sea. He and his wife have raised three daughters on the two Grand Banks they have owned since arriving in the PNW. Ken holds a Coast Guard OUPV license.

Tim Hoving Headshot
Canada United States
Tim Hoving
Broker, Bellingham 2014 - present T: 360-961-0228; CA: 250-213-5813

FUN FACT: Tim began boating at birth. His dad built a wooden ski boat named the “Playpen” when he was born.

BIO: He enjoys teaching and instructing as well as finding just the right boat for his clients. Tim has boated extensively in the San Juan and Gulf Islands. He has cruised to Alaska, Hawaii and toured the Caribbean. Tim has a US Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer 100 gross ton license. Tim and his wife, Lorraine, have relocated to Sidney, BC and he is developing the NWE CA charter fleet & brokerage.

United States
Steve Nordtvedt
Broker, Bellingham 2019 - present T: 360-223-2399

FUN FACT: Born during the Battle of Midway, Steve is convinced his arrival on this earth was the key factor in turning the tide of war in the Pacific.

BIO: Steve first worked at Uniflite, rising to division GM. He was CEO of Nordic Yachts, builder of sailing & power yachts. He was PM at Dakota Creek Ind., building high-speed ferries. Steve joined Titan Corp as Program Manager, building X-Craft, an advanced technology ship for the US Navy, 272-ft 50-knot catamaran. Currently, he supports the owners of the many vessels he has enjoyed building.

United States
Randy Nulle
Broker 2019 - present T: 360-920-3178

FUN FACT: Randy was part of a team that delivered the first ever charter boat to the kingdom of Tonga. The trip was over 7,000 miles and took 10 weeks!

BIO: Randy has been sailing since his childhood in Newport Beach in the 70s. He has worked as a delivery skipper and sailing instructor. He has raced in two trans Pac races as well as up and down the Pacific coast, transited the Panama Canal, and sailed the south Pacific. He's a 40 year veteran of the boating industry and worked as the National Sales Manager at Bayliner Marine Corp.


"Nearly all of our customers are repeat customers because they know we offer exceptional service and expertise. Our charter fleet yachts must pass a rigorous 18-page checklist that ensures they're in near-perfect condition. Here at NW Explorations, we don't just understand yachting—we live and breathe it."
– Ross & Evelyn Tennant, NW Explorations