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The Team

Entire Crew
Abram Anderson Headshot
Abram Anderson
Marine Technician 2017 - present

FUN FACT: I went to college in Pennsylvania, studying Philosophy & History.

BIO: Originally from the Oregon coast, I spent a decade in the heart of Manhattan as a full-time parent for four years and six years in the hospitality industry. I was a commercial fisherman on a purse seiner in S.E. Alaska for seven years before landing as a tech at N.W. Explorations. I am happy to be here taking care of these beautiful boats.

Parker Armstrong Headshot
Parker Armstrong
Marine Technician 2012 - present

FUN FACT: For 3 years he was seasonally employed as the local assistant pit crew chief with the Sears drift car circuit.

BIO: My life with boats began at the age of five. Growing up on the water, I was fortunate enough to have navigated as far north as the Broughten Islands by the age of ten. The time sensitive, eccentric, and ever challenging diagnostic process that comes with the charter industry, simply catalyzes my love and admiration for the vessels, the owners, and the community they create.

Scott Blake Headshot
Scott Blake
Broker, Bellingham 2004 - present

FUN FACT: Scott bought his first GB at 27, then being afflicted so young, bought five more of various sizes and models over the lasts 25 years.

BIO: Scott has been with our company for 25 years, has been to the Grand Banks factory many times in the past, has run boats and enjoyed our flotillas from San Diego to Prince William Sound and has helped hundreds of customers buy and sell Grand Banks and other cruising yachts.

Ken Bowles Headshot
Ken Bowles
Broker, Seattle 2010 - present

FUN FACT: Ken entered the boating life at the age of 5 on east coast lakes aboard his family’s Catalina 30 houseboat—basically a tiny mobile home on an aluminum hull with a Johnson 40hp outboard stuck on the stern.

BIO: Growing up around boats, Ken has cruised the Intracoastal Waterway, sailed the Bahamas and Virgin Islands and spent that last 15 years enjoying the amazing cruising grounds of the Salish Sea. He and his wife have raised three daughters on the two Grand Banks they have owned since arriving in the PNW. Ken holds a Coast Guard OUPV license.

Owen Brown Headshot
Owen Brown
Service Manager 2015 - present

FUN FACT: Owen is an avid sailboat racer with two Newport to Cabo races (1st place), two crossings to Hawaii (2nd and 3rd places) and held a spot in the pro Farr40 fleet North American circuit.

BIO: Hailing from Nova Scotia, Owen moved to Bellingham in 2009. He lives aboard his 44’ sailboat with his wife, daughter and dogs. With a passion for cruising. they moved to California for 2 years aboard their Catalina 36' and returned to Bellingham with their current boat, delivering it all the way from Mexico. Owen holds his USCG OUPV Captain’s license and enjoys the surroundings of the San Juans.

Will Brune Headshot
Will Brune
Marine Technician 2016 - present

FUN FACT: Will has visited Tasmania on a research vessel.

BIO: Will's maritime background is in operations-level engineering on large commercial vessels of varying sizes and configurations. He was born and raised in Bellingham and is very excited to be part of the NWE service team. He has his ABYC credentials and holds a USCG 3rd assistant engineers license of unlimited horsepower.

David Carnahan Headshot
David Carnahan
Senior Marine Technician 2005 - present

FUN FACT: He used to climb and top scary trees for a living.

BIO: David grew up in Nahcotta, WA. and at the age of 19 he joined the military, where he learned to fix generators and served 2.5 years in Germany. He got out of the military, worked, married, lived and learned for another 5.5 years in Germany and has lived in Whatcom county since 1995, starting at NWE in 2005.

Meghan Chen Headshot
Meghan Chen
Service Operations Assistant 2016 - present

FUN FACT: Prior to 2014, Meghan had never tried coffee or crab. Now that she thoroughly enjoys both regularly, she wonders what else she has been missing out on and welcomes any suggestions.

BIO: Originally from Michigan, Meghan moved to Portland, Oregon on a whim in 2010. After a series of memorable (mis)adventures there, she made her way to beautiful Bellingham in 2015. She loves exploring the surrounding seas, trees and mountains with her husband and their bear/dogs Tuco and Kuma.

Alan Conger Headshot
Alan Conger
Marine Technician 2016 - present

FUN FACT: I am a fourth generation, life-long Whatcom County resident.

BIO: I have two grown children. I grew up in the boating world and focused on fishing and rigging for 8 + years. After retiring from being a heavy equipment operator, I decided to join NWE as a tech to stay in the marine industry, which I love. I enjoy coaching youth sports, boating and taking long road trips to nowhere.

Jen Haaland Headshot
Jen Haaland
Lead Marine Technician 2013 - present

FUN FACT: In addition to being an ABYC Master Mechanic, Jen has a BA in Fine Arts from Seattle University.

BIO: Jen received her marine training from the Skagit Valley College Marine Maintenance Technology program and holds ABYC certifications in Marine Electrical, Corrosion, Gasoline, and Diesel Engines. She specializes in AC and DC electrical troubleshooting and has a passion for labeling.

Brian Hinson Headshot
Brian Hinson
Senior Marine Technician 2012 - present

FUN FACT: He was in marksmanship club in middle school with my grandfather and once shot a 50 cent sized target at 300 yards.

BIO: Brian worked on engines and "things" with his grandfather at a young age. After pursuing a degree in Computer Science, he went back to working with his hands, this time on heavy construction equipment, including generators up to 2000 KW (as big as a small mobile home). In 2012, Brian started at NW explorations and has never looked back. He earned his ABYC Electrical certification in 2016.

Alison Horne Headshot
Alison Horne
CFO 2004 - present

FUN FACT: Alison’s favorite overseas cruising was on a 46’ Nordhavn in Croatia.

BIO: Alison sailed growing up but gave that up once she stepped onto her first Grand Banks during her job interview. Since then she has co-owned a 36’ Europa, 38’ Eastbay, and two 46’ Classics. Her love of the cruising in the PNW brought her to purchase property on Decatur Island in the San Juan Islands and subsequently built a cottage.

Tim Hoving Headshot
Tim Hoving
Broker, Bellingham 2014 - present

FUN FACT: Tim began boating at birth. His dad built a wooden ski boat named the “Playpen” when he was born.

BIO: He enjoys teaching and instructing as well as finding just the right boat for his clients. Tim has boated extensively in the San Juan and Gulf Islands. He has cruised to Alaska, Hawaii and toured the Caribbean. Tim has a US Coast Guard Merchant Marine Officer 100 gross ton license.

Tasha Howell
Marine Technician 2017 - present

FUN FACT: Tasha has always been drawn to the water, which is one of the reason why she fits right in at NW Explorations!

BIO: Tasha grew up in southern California and moved back to Washington in 2005 after having spent a year doing commercial fishing in Cordova, AK. She has a background in property maintenance, having managed a 92-unit rental complex. She enjoys spending time with her son and her enthusiastic and energetic dogs.

Hannah King
Flotilla Coordinator, Naturalist & Admin Assistant 2018 - present

FUN FACT: Hannah's first time sailing was on a trip from Friday Harbor, WA to the Sea of Cortez on a 72’ wooden schooner.

BIO: Hannah grew up exploring the rivers and forests of Missouri. After graduating with degrees in Biology and Public Health, she moved to the San Juan Islands for a summer job as a naturalist and a kayak guide. Five years later, she is happy to still call this area home! She loves working on the water and educating others about this amazing area.

Elvira Lindsay Headshot
Elvira Lindsay
Lead Housekeeper 2006 - present

FUN FACT: El is originally from Germany and grew up on Long Island, NY.

BIO: El spent much of her time in the Atlantic Ocean, swimming, boating, fishing and diving. She moved to Germany, worked in Hamburg and experienced sailing on the North Sea. Deciding to move to the Northwest, she fell in love with the lush forests, camping and the Pacific Ocean. El raised 3 children in Bellingham and after interviewing with NWE , she knew she would love the work and still does!

Lucas MacDonald Headshot
Lucas MacDonald
Lead Marine Technician 2013 - present

FUN FACT: Lucas once drove a VW Bus from Fairbanks (-12 degrees) to Phoenix (110 degrees) in eight days, driving backwards through the seasons along the way.

BIO: At 9 weeks, Lucas started crawling around boats in Minnesota and things haven't changed much. He moved to Washington and became an ABYC Certified Master Marine Technician at the Skagit Valley College Marine Technology Center. When he's not working on customer's boats, he tries to be out on (or working on) his boat or enjoying the rest the PNW has to offer.

Patrick McCann Headshot
Patrick McCann
Procurement Manager 2017 - present

FUN FACT: Patrick is not a pilot but once had the opportunity to fly a CH-47 D Chinook helicopter while traveling across the US.

BIO: Patrick has 13 years aviation maintenance experience, has traveled to Europe and around the US working with various military agencies as a civilian training instructor for the government and has worked for the Dept. of the Navy. In his free time he enjoys coaching and playing basketball.

Emmelina Mojica Headshot
Emmelina Mojica
Charter Manager 2006 - present

FUN FACT: Emmelina has a marine biology degree and started out as NW Explorations’ naturalist on the Alaska Flotillas in 2006.

BIO: Emmelina grew up in Texas where her family could never explain her love for whales. A university course led her to the Pacific NW where she camped on an island researching Orca whales. She worked at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for seven years before coming to NWE. She now uses experiences gained on the flotillas to help charter clients prepare for a trip of a lifetime!

Andrew Morris Headshot
Andrew Morris
Marine Technician 2017 - present

FUN FACT: Andrew spent time as a Marine Engineer aboard one of the world’s most complex and largest sailing yachts, the iconic Maltese Falcon.

BIO: Andrew joins NWE from the Superyacht industry bringing a wealth of electro-mechanical and electronics experience. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys giving back to the community by coaching motorcycle safety training in Whatcom and Skagit counties. Originally from the UK, Andrew finds the Pacific Northwest a beautiful place to live.

Ben Oliver
Dockhand 2016 - present

FUN FACT: Ben is currently a student at Western Washington University, earning a degree in Plastics and Composites Engineering.

BIO: Ben grew up near Olympia, WA and later moved up to Bellingham to pursue higher education. Having been fortunate to live near the Puget Sound all of his life, he has undoubtedly found a love in boating. Up until recently Ben has only had experience with powerboats, however he hopes to soon expand that experience to include sailing.

Brian Pemberton
CEO & Flotilla Captain 2004 - present

FUN FACT: Brian used to work as both an Alaskan logger and a security guard in the maximum security ward of a state mental hospital.

BIO: Brian has had a successful career, including being a CEO for 20+ years and raising a family. In 2004 he purchased Grand Yachts Northwest and formed NW Explorations. Earning his Captain's License in 1963, he cruised extensively in Puget Sound, Canadian and Alaskan waters, including trips from Puget Sound to Southern California, through the Sea of Cortez, and from La Rochelle, France to Gibraltar.

Jordan Pemberton
Marine Technician 2018 - present

FUN FACT: Jordan has over 1500 days of sea time between flotillas and deliveries.

BIO: Jordan grew up in Washington spending his last 15 summers in Alaska on the water. 13 of those were with the Mother Goose flotillas. He spent one year working for a tug boat company out of Seattle and two years at the Skagit Valley Tech School where he achieved ABYC certifications and working as a diesel mechanic in Anacortes, Wa.

Monika Szubska
Accounting Assistant 2017 - present

FUN FACT: Monika speaks three languages.

McKenzie Temple Headshot
McKenzie Temple
Marketing & Charter Coordinator 2016 - present

FUN FACT: Her dog Rupert is named after Prince Rupert - a place visited while on the Mother Goose Flotilla in 2014.

BIO: McKenzie grew up around boats in Seattle. Since then has cruised the Inside Passage, SE Alaska, Prince William Sound and all around the San Juans. She loves all things that float from paddle boards to trawlers. She can usually be found island hopping, mountain biking or skiing.

Ross & Evie Tennant
Owners 2017 - present

FUN FACT: In college, Ross worked as a logger in Haida Gwaii, but after meeting Evie wanted to work closer to home in Victoria and took a job driving old, British Leyland double-decker buses for the summers.

BIO: Ross and Evie met when they were 17 and have been together for 40 years. They have three grown boys and granddaughter they are nuts about. Family times revolve around boating and skiing. Ross’s career was in the software and technology sector (Canada and US), with a transition 15 years ago into land development. Evie focused on creating a great home environment for their family.

Chelsea Thaw
Flotilla Naturalist & Dockhand 2018 - present

FUN FACT: Chelsea's favorite book is "The Ear, the Eye and the Arm" by Nancy Farmer.

BIO: Chelsea joined NWE's crew as a dockhand and naturalist for the Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla. She lives on her 45ft sailboat with her partner and dogs. You might see her out in the San Juan’s birding, sailing or scuba diving.

Matt Weaver
Marine Technician 2018 - present

FUN FACT: Matt's traveled the world, designing, building and deploying multiple radio broadcast devices used by major news networks in the US as well as the military and many international broadcasters.

BIO: Born in Bellingham, Matt's been walking the Squalicum docks with his grandpa his whole life. He commercial fished for 11 years in Bristol Bay, Alaska and off the shores of Washington and Oregon on boats ranging from 32' - 72'. He has also worked as a land-based electrician - focused on security, surveillance, access control and fire suppression. He is ABYC marine electrical certified.

Jake White Headshot
Jake White
Marine Technician 2016 - present

FUN FACT: Jake enjoys all wind related sports and is often kite boarding in Bellingham Bay on windy days.

BIO: Jake grew up on Orcas Island and has been boating since before he could walk. His experience is mostly in competitive sailing and small powerboats. After a summer of working for the boat yard on Orcas he went to the Marine Tech school in Anacortes earning multiple ABYC certifications and valuable knowledge. Before coming to NWE, he worked mostly on trailer boats.

Rowan Yerxa Headshot
Rowan Yerxa
Senior Marine Technician 2014 - present

FUN FACT: Rowan has played the fiddle since he was 6 years old.

BIO: Growing up playing in the Puget Sound region, you can now find Rowan playing in the mountains when there is snow and sailing or mountain biking when the sun shines with his partner and dog, Rupert. He loves exploring close to home as there are a lifetime of peaks, lakes and coastlines to explore. Rowan was the mechanic on the Mother Goose Flotilla for three summers.