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Interested in the 3-day course, but can’t commit to that much time? Come for this one-day course to get started on what you need to know to be able to charter from us.

This day-of training is especially helpful for clients who have a charter scheduled for later in the season, but who would like to brush up on their close-quarter maneuvering skills and become more knowledgeable on boat systems. NW Explorations will make every attempt to place you on the boat you are scheduled to charter. Bring your first mate or crew along so they may familiarize themselves with the boat as well!

Call 360-676-1248 or email charters@nwexplorations.com to arrange a one-day training course. Schedule is flexible and based upon boat availability.

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      Please note: Pre-board starts at 5pm on the first date and training kicks off Saturday morning at 8am.