“Your seminar is absolutely first rate. I was a naval officer for 6 years and have spent over 50 years messing around in numerous power and sail boats to 46′. In spite of that “experience,” your information will prove invaluable in our upcoming cruise to Glacier Bay.”

—Doug & Jean Fernandes

If you’re interested in a private weekend training, we are happy to try and accommodate! Private training starts at $6,750 and includes the cost of an instructor, use of the vessel of our choice, and on-board sleeping accommodations.  Provisioning is optional.

Many charterers also prefer to do a private “Learn n’ Cruise” where they charter the vessel of their choice for a week or more and hire a private captain to join for the first few days, or until you’re both comfortable to take off on your own.  This gives the best personalized attention on the specific vessel you wish to train on.

NW Explorations tries to accommodate all ranges of training preferences.  

Contact us to see how we can help meet your needs: call 360-676-1248 or email

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      Please note: Pre-board starts at 5pm on the first date and training kicks off Saturday morning at 8am.