2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 4 – Madeira Park to Princess Louisa Inlet | NW Explorations


2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 4 – Madeira Park to Princess Louisa Inlet

We left Madeira Park at 7:30am this morning in order to hit slack tide at the Malibu rapids.  Our trip today took us inland through the Jervis Inlet.  As we cruised through the inlet, the cliff walls steepened on either side and we entered into the fjords.  These massive, glacially carved basins have 3,000 ft walls on either side which plummet down to depths of over 2,000 ft under our keels.  It is truly awe-inspiring to travel through these channels and think about the power of the ice that shaped the rock we see today.

The day started off partly cloudy and as we rounded the final bend of the inlet we were all begging the clouds to lift and show off the mountains underneath.  Luck was on our side today and our wishes were granted!  Entering into Princess Louisa on a clear day is nothing short of spectacular.  Snow capped mountains towered around us as we approached the narrow entrance to Princess Louisa Inlet.  If you didn’t know where you were going you could easily miss the nondescript entrance.

We waited at the entrance of the rapids until the tide was almost slack before we entered.  After travelling through the narrow “S” turn of the Malibu Rapids, the inlet opened back up in front of us.  After another few miles of gorgeous scenery, we arrived at the head of the inlet next to the thundering Chatterbox falls.  We were settled in to the dock by early afternoon, with plenty of daylight left for exploring and relaxing in the sun.

We explored the falls and the surrounding beaches and forests, and soaked up the warm afternoon.  Later that evening everyone came over for a potluck dinner aboard Deception.  We spent the evening eating good food and socializing.  As the sun went down, the Deception crew started a fire on shore, and soon we were gathered around roasting marshmallows, chatting, laughing and enjoying the peaceful night.  Even a few Nova Scotian drinking songs broke out before the night was through.


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