2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 7 – Egmont to Okeover Arm | NW Explorations


2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 7 – Egmont to Okeover Arm

Today’s route from Egmont to Okeover Arm took us along BC’s Sunshine Coast.  We cruised along the coast through patches of fog and bright sun.  We saw Stellar Sealion haul outs as well as many seals and diving birds in the water.  We also spotted a bald eagle perched on a cross on top of a small rocky island.

As we rounded the Malaspina Peninsula, we entered into Desolation Sound.  The coastal mountains form a gorgeous backdrop for the calm sound dotted with islands.  Captain George Vancouver explored and named the sound in 1792 while in a particularly foul mood.  He found the area to be unpleasant, unhospitable and dreary; today it is a world famous cruising destination.  In the summer months, hundreds of boats fill the water and anchorages.  This time of year, we had the place almost to ourselves.

Once on the dock in Okeover, each crew set out to make the most of the beautiful, sunny weather.  Traci and Kurt on AnamCara hopped into their kayaks and paddled off.  Dennis and Rick from Eldean followed suit.  The rest of us went out in our dinghies to explore the area, took a walk to stretch our legs or enjoyed a happy hour on the flybridge.

The draw of Okeover Arm is a wonderful little restaurant called the Laughing Oyster.  Tonight they were doing a buffet style meal and had live music as well!  We all went up to the restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful meal and watched as the sun set over the water.  Dave, the owner of the restaurant and chef is also a very talented musician.  He and Sammy put on a great show and it was fun to see live music in what seemed like a remote setting.

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