2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 8 – Okeover Arm to Prideaux Haven | NW Explorations


2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 8 – Okeover Arm to Prideaux Haven

With a short 20 miles to go today we were able to relax this morning.  A beautiful sunrise lit up the sky and the morning started out cool, sunny and bright.  We headed out around 10am and cruised through the beautiful Desolation Sound.  As we traveled we spotted bald eagles, harbor seals, stellar sealions, and marbled murrelets.

On our way to Prideaux Haven we took a winding route through some narrow passageways between the islands.  It was beautiful cruising close to the shoreline.  We were amazed by the steep rock walls with trees seeming to grow straight out of them.  The narrow passage between islands opened up to the protected waters of Prideaux Haven.  The many small islands that make up this anchorage are perfect for exploring by kayak and dinghy.

The crews from Sarah Brooks, Eldean and Tim from Yukoner all joined us for a hike up to a nice view of Unwin Lake.  A cool breeze rose off the lake and it felt great to sit on the hill above and take in the scenery.  A few of the boats took out kayaks for a paddle around the anchorage.  Along the shore you could see oysters, mussels, kelp, barnacles, sea stars, and even sand dollars.

Each boat chose to anchor out on their own tonight.  We all enjoyed a quiet night on our own boats in the calm evening.  Captain Jordan and Owen even decided to go for a swim.  The rest of us were happy to watch as they jumped off the top of Deception into the cold water.  We watched as the clouds rolled in and darkened the anchorage.  By the time we went to bed, the night was dark and the anchor lights of all of the boats reflected perfectly in the water, looking like a small sparkling city.

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