2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 9 – Prideaux Haven to Squirrel Cove | NW Explorations


2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 9 – Prideaux Haven to Squirrel Cove

We woke to a drizzly morning in Prideaux Haven, perfect for sipping a hot cup of coffee and going nowhere fast.  Squirrel Cove was only an hour and a half away, so we were able to sleep in and enjoy the slow morning.  We departed at 11am this morning, and cruised through the calm grey waters as misty clouds hung in the hills.  The colors of the trees were especially vibrant against the cloudy sky.

Once in Squirrel Cove we rafted all eight boats together for the night.  These large rafts are a lot of fun, and it makes having a social evening very easy.  It took us about an hour to get all of the boats tied up together with three stern ties and three anchors holding us in place.  Once we were all settled in, a few of the crews braved the rain and headed over to the Squirrel Cove General Store to gather some provisions.

Madeline from Navigator even took out the kayak in the rain.  Eldean had just enough satellite connection to get the Seahawks football game on their TV.  They graciously invited everyone over to watch the game.  After a narrow win, our sleepy anchorage came alive with cheers and honking horns. The Sarah Brooks crew was having a celebration of their own tonight, as it was Brenda’s 60th Birthday today!

This evening we had everyone over on Deception for a potluck dinner.  It was great to gather together in the rainy evening, eat great food, share each other’s company and stay warm on the chilly night.  Even though we are all from different parts of the country and have very different backgrounds, it is amazing how much we share in common.  Afterward, it was a great night for card games and movies. Mike and John on Eldean taught the Deception crew how to play Yuker, in return we taught them Cribbage.

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