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2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 1 – Bellingham to Sidney, BC

Captain Brain Pemberton says, “Mother Goose is a trip of a life time!”  Leg 1 of Mother Goose Alaska 2018 got off to a good start on Saturday morning. The bags were stowed, the coffee brewed, there was nothing left to do at 8am in Bellingham’s Squalicum Harbor but to wave goodbye to NW Explorations staff and head out into the blue. Todd and Judy lead the way, helming Inception a beautiful 58ft Kadey-Krogen and the largest boat in the flotilla. One by one the seven Mother Goose flotilla boats made their way across Bellingham Bay and though the San Juan Islands. On such a beautiful, sunny, breezy day, crews were able to roll back their biminies and captain from the flybridge. Crews encountered harbor porpoise, harbor seals and even a male Stellar Sea Lion poised atop a buoy. The bird enthusiasts, of which I am delighted to say we have many in our group, spotted a number of returning alcids, rhinoceros auklets and pigeon giamounts chief among them.  After about four hours of cruising the flotilla crossed Haro Strait and into Canadian waters en route to the Port of Sidney.

Awaiting our arrival at the Port of Sideny was NW Explorations’ new owner and biggest fans Ross and Evie Tennent. As residents of Sidney, Ross and Evie graciously welcomed our crews into Canada with a scrumptious salmon dinner. Prior to dinner, Tsawout Nation council member Toby Joseph and his son William Joseph welcomed us to Saanich territory with several traditional songs. Council member Toby shared stories of respect for the sea and offered songs of protection and celebration. After such a fine dinner and warm welcome, the crews of Mother Goose will surely remember fondly our stay in Sidney and Saanich territory.

Track the flotilla all summer HERE and follow along with blogs and photos!

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