2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 13 – Coal Harbour to Winter Harbour | NW Explorations


2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 1, Day 13 – Coal Harbour to Winter Harbour

Departing Coal Harbour, Meg from Patos, hoped aloud for glassy water. Patos must have a sea genie on board because Meg’s wish was granted! Mother Goose sped through Quatsino Sound on glass calm water as otters and auklets periodically disturbed the reflection of the island and clouds. After a short cruise, Mother Goose rounded the inlet to Winter Harbour. Small town doesn’t cover the remoteness of Winter Harbour. Local fishing guide, Larry, and self-propertied sheriff and mayor stated that he is the only year-round resident of Winter Harbour. Like many industry towns, Winter Harbour’s populations steeply declined after the local logging company, W.D. Moore Logging, closed after 90 years of business. During the summer season Greg Vance, along with several staff, run the marina, fuel dock and grocery called the Outpost at Winter Harbour. With several days of anchoring along the remote and beautiful northwest coast of Vancouver ahead of us, Winter Harbour provided us with everything we needed for a successful trip.

After fueling the boats, crews had a beautiful sunny afternoon to explore the area. Jonny and Robin of Grand Adventure lived up to their boat’s name and rented a local’s quads for a rip around the old logging roads.  Marnie, Noel and John took a boat ride out to the lighthouse to try their luck at fishing with local guide Larry. The remaining crews went for a stroll along Botel Trail, meandering though the forest, stopping to admire a HUGE sitka spruce and then out to a lovely, rugged beach. That evening, Deception’s crew had the pleasure of dinning with Marc and Marnie of Hele Mai. Thanks again Marnie for the fabulous BBQ sauce recipe!


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