2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 3, Day 7 – Wrangell to Berg Bay | NW Explorations


2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 3, Day 7 – Wrangell to Berg Bay

A day like today is the reason why people love to boat. Warm sun and a light breeze made the short crossing from Wrangell to Berg Bay a delight.  We had the boats rafted up by noon with plenty of sunshine left in the day to explore the bay and nearby creek.  Upon arrival, Abby took out the kayak; her paddling paid off with a sighting of a harbor seal and her pup. Later that afternoon we all took a hike through mossy laden trees and brushy skunk cabbage to a nearby meadow and creek. The tide was out reveling a luscious, grassy meadow dotted red by blooming Indian paintbrush.  The big, noisy bunch of us kept the reclusive bears away but the evidence of their presence was everywhere. Dug up skunk cabbage, turned over logs and heaps of grassy scat made it abundantly clear that we were in bear country; we even found one massive paw print in the creek’s mud flat!

While we were hiking, the tide came in enough to make the creek passable by dingy. Captain Jordan met us with kayaks in tow. Stella and Pam of Inception kayaked back through the creek. The rest of us hiked back to our dinghies and returned to the boats for a well earned shower. As evening settled into dusk, Randy and the fellas from Eldean could be seen kayaking around the bay.  Deception’s crew had the pleasure of having Pam, Tom and Stella over for dinner. We all enjoyed soup, bread and conversation while watching the sun sink low into the tree line after another wonderful day.

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