2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 4, Day 3 – Berg Bay to Wrangell | NW Explorations


2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 4, Day 3 – Berg Bay to Wrangell

Misty clouds hung low in the Sitka spruce and hemlock trees as Mother Goose departed magical Berg Bay.  Along the way the fleet spotted two juvenile Sitka black-tail deer foraging along the tide line. A smaller, less numerous relative to black-tail deer, the Sitka black-tail deer lives only in Southeast Alaska relying heavily on old growth forests for their survival in winter months.

Mother Goose pulled into Wrangell’s Heritage Harbor by early afternoon. Ron, of Patos, immediately hopped on a Breakaway Adventure boat to tour the Le Conte Glacier. The rest of the group eased into their time in Wrangell. Grand Adventure’s crew had lunch at the Stikine River Inn before exploring the mysterious, ancient carvings of Petroglyph Beach. Several other crews took a walk into town to visit the historic Chief Shakes Tribal House. Council member, Arthur Larsen, graciously welcomed us into the tribal house and shared some of the building’s significance and history. Virginia, Tlingit storyteller and teacher, shared several beautiful stories and traditional including the story of the Raven and the King Salmon. Thank you, Arthur and Virginia, for taking the time to share with us some beautiful stories!

Following the visit to Chief Shakes Tribal House Nancy, of Inception, along with the crews of Eldean, Discovery and Grand Adventure enjoyed delving deeper into Wrangell’s history at the Nolan Museum.  That night Ken, Virginia, Bill and Barb celebrated Ken’s birthday at the Stikine River Inn. Happy Birthday Ken!! Finally, our ranks grew by three! Christina, William and Paul flew in to join their parents, Al and Kate, on Patos. Welcome, Christina, Will and Paul- we are excited to have you in the fleet!

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