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2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 15 – Forward Harbour to Octopus Islands

After making rounds this morning and topping off the boats that needed it with water, Deception and the rest of the fleet headed out of the harbor.  The morning started off cloudy but by midday the clouds had burned off and the blue skies were back.  The wind picked up in Johnstone Straight and so did the boat traffic.  We passed many fishing boats, cruisers and some tug boats one even pushing a massive log boom.

This was a day of rapids!  We traveled through multiple small channels that needed to be timed with the tides.  The first set was very tame and got us warmed up for the rest.  As we came up to the Okisollo upper rapids, the water was still moving at a strong pace of about 6 knots through the channel.  We inched our way up to the main tongue of current before hopping out into it and feeling the boats slow almost to a stop.  Giant whirlpools sped passed on either side and the boats got pushed this way and that in the strong currents.  All of our skippers handled their boats perfectly, and after a little excitement we were through the rapids.

We cruised through the narrow entrance to the Octopus Islands Marine Park.  This is a small group of multiple little islands and reefs.  It has multiple beautiful and well protected anchorages.  It is a great place for kayaking or exploring by Dinghy.  Peter and Ned went out and did just that!  Deception decided to try out a new hike we’d heard about on Quadra Island.  Though it turned out to be a little longer and steeper than we’d bargained for, swimming in the fresh water lake at the top made it all worth the while.

This evening, Eldean joined Deception for dinner.  Bill and Rebecca are a lovely couple from North Carolina.  They are lifelong sailors and this is their first time chartering a powerboat.  They are doing great and seem to have made the transition seamlessly.  We shared a nice evening with them on board.

The sun set on another full day out cruising.  The sky turned a pretty dusky orange and the clear night treated us to a beautiful star-scape for those who were able to stay up for it.  I think we’re all going to sleep well this evening in this peaceful bay.

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