2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 16 – Octopus Islands to Okeover Arm | NW Explorations


2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 16 – Octopus Islands to Okeover Arm

We woke to a beautiful sunrise and a quiet morning in the Octopus Islands.  We started the morning off with some excitement as we maneuvered our boats through the tidal rapids at Hole in the Wall.  The current was running at about 5 knots and it was behind us through the channel.  This meant that even our slower boats got a taste of speed today as the boats got up to 15 knots helped along with current!  Once again, everyone piloted their vessels like experts and came out the other side grinning.

We had a beautiful cruise south through Calm Channel down to Desolation Sound.  Mt. Denman and the Canadian coastal range create a stunning backdrop for the many small islands of Desolation Sound Park.  This is an area famous for its great cruising, kayaking and warm waters (at least warm in comparison to the rest of the Northwest!)  We enjoyed taking in the scenery and watching the other boats sail, paddle and motor around us.

We arrived to the dock in Okeover Arm in the early afternoon.  The day was hot and sunny and we had fun walking around the dock, campground and the sleepy country roads.  There is not much here except for a great little restaurant called the Laughing Oyster.  The restaurant is up the hill from the docks and has a beautiful open-air patio with a great view of the water.

The entire group joined us for dinner this evening at the restaurant.  We enjoyed a delicious meal together in the cool summer night.  One of the joys of a trip like this is the feeling of community that comes from traveling together over the past two weeks.  After dinner we settled in for the night aboard our own boats.  The Grand Adventure crew took up their nightly, heated game of dominoes, while the rest of us picked up a book or turned in early.

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