2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 2 – Foggy Bay to Prince Rupert | NW Explorations


2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 2 – Foggy Bay to Prince Rupert

We slept soundly last night in the peaceful anchorage of Foggy Bay, listening to the pattering of rain on the boat decks above our heads.  With the wind predicted to pick up in the afternoon, we opted for an early start and were underway by 7am.  We created a flurry of activity in the otherwise quiet anchorage as we broke apart our raft, pulled our anchors and departed for Prince Rupert.

Out on the water, we encountered windy conditions across the Dixon Entrance but the peak of the storm held off.  All of our crews handled the rougher water with smiles on their faces!  After a couple of hours of cruising, we crossed the border into Canadian waters.

While underway, we were briefly joined by a small group of Dall’s porpoises.  These graceful creatures delighted us with their speed and agility as they raced along in our bow wake.  As we neared Prince Rupert, we entered into the narrow winding channel of Venn Passage.  Dotted with islands, reefs and tidal flats the passage required us to travel in single file as Captain Jordan skillfully lead us through.

Everyone did a great job docking in Prince Rupert.  For some of our skippers and their crews this was their first time docking these boats, though you wouldn’t have known it from watching them!  Once we were all checked through customs, we set out to explore the town.  Rupert has many cute shops and restaurants in the area known as Cow Bay where we were moored.

It was nice to enjoy a dinner out in town after a full day on the water.  Most of the crews chose to go out to Cow Bay Café and small little Italian restaurant on the waterfront.  It was a lovely night here in beautiful British Columbia.

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