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2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 3 – Prince Rupert Lay Day

We enjoyed a slow morning in Cow Bay today.  Many of the crews walked up to Cowpuccinos coffee shop for breakfast.  The small community of Cow Bay is fun to walk around and explore.  It has many beautiful murals and funny cow themed shops.  We spent a second day in Prince Rupert in order to prepare for the upcoming week where we will be out at anchor each night.

This of course meant a few trips to the grocery store to provision.  But, in between making our preparations we had plenty of time for fun.  Everyone got out and saw the town.  Some of us went to the Museum of Northern BC.  This cultural museum has an amazing collection of artifacts from the First Nations people of BC.

We were awed by the intricate detail of their basketry and wood working.  We were also amazed by the diverse materials used to create the beautiful ceremonial robes and headdresses on display.  Everything from cedar bark to deer hooves and puffin beaks.  It was neat to learn more about the rich culture and traditions of the First Nations and to have a glimpse into what life has been like in this area over the past few hundred years.

The day turned out to be beautiful and sunny, and the predicted wind storm never reached us here in the harbor.  It was a perfect afternoon to relax on board in the warm air and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  John and Gail on Discovery excitedly greeted their daughter Alessandra and her boyfriend Garrett who will be joining us until Port McNeill.  The opposite was true for Grand Adventure, as they had to say goodbye to David who will be flying out tomorrow.  It was great having him along even just for this short time though!

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