2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 4 – Prince Rupert to Newcombe Harbor | NW Explorations


2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 4 – Prince Rupert to Newcombe Harbor

Today we traveled from Prince Rupert to Newcombe Harbor on Pitt Island.  As we left Prince Rupert, we passed by all of the industrial parts of the town.  Prince Rupert is the terminus of the Grand Trunk Railway which extends all the way into the interior of Canada.  Many goods, including wheat and coal, are shipped across the country to be loaded onto massive cargo ships and exported around the world.  While it was interesting to watch this process, we were all glad to be out into the wilderness again as we left the town behind.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful!  We cruised on glassy calm waters that accentuated every small disturbance from the local wildlife.  We saw many different types of diving birds, harbor porpoise, and even some humpback whales!  After a few blows the whales arched their backs and their tails appeared, indicating a deep dive.

We arrived in Newcombe Harbor in the early afternoon with plenty of time to explore.  Each boat decided to try anchoring by themselves this evening.  Captains Rich and Jordan headed out to provide assistance to those who wanted it, and everyone got settled in nicely to the anchorage.  Alyson and Ava from Grand Adventure joined us for an exploration of the nearby tidal flats that were exposed at the low tide.  We saw many clams, mussels, and barnacles and also found plenty of mud to put our rubber boots to the test!

The rest of the boats went out for dinghy tours, set their crab pots, or just enjoyed a leisurely afternoon on board.  Lila and Ava on Grand Adventure proved to be our most determined and successful fisherwomen.  Their secret: Velveeta cheese bait!

This evening Deception hosted the Inception crew for dinner.  Mark and Dorothy and their friend Tracy are all from Texas.  They are very sweet and fun, and we all enjoyed a lovely meal together.  Despite being over a month past the summer solstice, we are still experiencing beautiful long evenings where the sun doesn’t set until past 9pm and the stars aren’t out until closer to 11pm.  It makes the stargazing difficult, but the long sunny evenings are definitely worth it!

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