2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 7 – Bishop Bay to Culpepper Lagoon | NW Explorations


2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 7 – Bishop Bay to Culpepper Lagoon

We’re sitting here tucked into the back corner of Culpepper Lagoon surrounded by 3,000 ft mountains watching as the sun sets on another fabulous day.  This spot is certainly worth the effort that it takes to get here.  We had a 75-mile day today that took us through spectacular deep fjords and narrow channels that needed to be timed with the tides.

This morning started off with lots of excitement.  There were three humpback whales in Bishop Bay swimming around as we got underway.  Once back out in the channel we came across another humpback whale slapping its tail on the water repeatedly.  We slowed down to watch and soon it began slapping its pectoral fins as well.  It was amazing to listen to the crashing sound these large fins make as they hit the surface.  After thinking the whale had gone down for a deep dive, we were surprised when it came leaping out of the water in a full breach!

Our route today took us past Princess Royal Island, the home of the elusive white Spirit Bears.  We also passed the now defunct town of Butedale, which was once a thriving cannery town.  Remnants of old logging sights and mills dotted the shorelines as well.  As we passed into the Fjordlands Conservancy the wilderness deepened and the shoreline steepened.

Today was also special because it was Lila’s 10th Birthday!  Once we were rafted, we celebrated with a pot luck dinner and some birthday gooey butter cake!  Our group was a little smaller this evening because both Discovery and Patos decided to go off and explore on their own for a night.  We had a great evening here in Culpepper Lagoon, and we hope that they’re having fun where they are too.

A quick dinghy tour after dinner took us up Lard creek, which empties into Culpepper Lagoon.  We were able to get past the marshy tidal flats and up into the creek a ways.  We could see salmon swimming in the deep pools and watched as harbor seals and otters attempted to catch them.  Bald eagles watched the commotion from overhead.  What a spectacular place this is!

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