2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 9 – Rescue Bay to Shearwater | NW Explorations


2018 Mother Goose Alaska Flotilla: Leg 6, Day 9 – Rescue Bay to Shearwater

The morning started off cloudy in Rescue Bay.  The tide was low and we took the opportunity to explore along the shorelines for a final time.  We were amazed at the brightly colored anemones, urchins, sea stars and sea cucumbers.  The colors looked more like what you would expect to see in tropical coral reefs and not these cold northern waters.

Today we decided to alter our route for the small town of Shearwater rather than spend another night at anchor.  Discovery opted to stay out and keep trying for fish.  We wish them the best of luck!  The rest of us headed in for the conveniences of a town.

Along the way we passed two humpback whales.  Our route took us through the winding narrow channel of Percieval Passage.  Among these rocky reefs and islands there were many kelp beds and we even spotted some sea otters hanging out in the kelp! We also spotted bald eagles soaring overhead and saw one swoop down and grab a fish from the water.

The scenery today took us out of the steep fjords and into the low, windswept islands of the coast.  The trees seemed to grow smaller and scrubbier here.  We had big open ocean views on one side and a salty breeze filling the air.  It was a beautiful day!

Once rafted up together on the dock in Shearwater, we went out to explore the town.  This didn’t take long, the whole town consists of a lodge, marine store, grocery, coffee shop, laundromat, and restaurant.  It was fun to get out and walk around, do some chores, chat with some of the town’s 72 local residents, and get a sense of what life is like in Shearwater.

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