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2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla: Day 1 – Bellingham to Reid Harbor

Today was the start of the 2018 Desolation Sound Flotilla!  This year seven boats are joining us for a two-week cruise to Princess Louisa Inlet and Desolation Sound.  Our guests have traveled from near and far for this trip.  Some are long-time charter guests, who are familiar with the flotilla lifestyle, and others are first time charterers.  After spending the day before learning about their boats and provisioning, everyone woke this morning excited to get out on the water.

Despite the blustery morning delaying our departure by a few hours, everyone was in high spirits as we cast off our lines.  Our delay was worthwhile, and we crossed Bellingham Bay on fairly flat seas.  The wind was still strong enough to liven the brightly colored sails of the local regatta that was underway.  By the time we reached the San Juan Islands, the skies had cleared and it felt like summertime again!

We cruised among the many islands, rocks and reefs that make up the San Juan Islands.  Along the way, we spotted harbor seals, cormorants, bald eagles, loons, and other diving birds.  The forested islands looked especially green after the recent rains.  As we entered into Reid Harbor, the air was sweet with the smell of the evergreen trees lining the shoreline.

We rafted up to a floating dock in Reid Harbor for the night.  After everyone was tied up, we gathered for a social hour on Deception.  It was a great way for everyone to get to know one another.  The group started out on Deception, but soon spilled over to some of the other boats and onto the dock.  We had great food and lots of good conversation as a beautiful sunset colored the sky and a nearly full moon rose behind us.  What a great start to our trip!

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