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2018 San Juan Flotilla Day 3: Victoria, BC Lay Day

Ahhh.  This morning we sipped our coffee slowly in the sunshine.  With another day to relax and explore the beautiful city of Victoria, BC, we were able to really savor the moment.  Each crew enjoyed a slow morning, making breakfast and planning for the day’s activities.

Most groups spent the day exploring the world famous Butchart Gardens.  It was a gorgeous, clear day and every type of flower seemed to be in bloom.  We wandered the gardens taking in the beautiful sights and smells all around us.  We marveled at the vision and passion that one woman put toward her family’s home.

Nancy and David, along with there three grand kids chose to explore the city on a double-decker bus tour.  Mike and Barb on Koa Lanai took a tour of a local cidery and distillery.  Victoria truly offers a little of everything!  Everyone enjoyed touring the city and learning more about its history.

Being in the city gave us a chance to re-provision as well.  Victoria has so many amazing restaurants, we’ve hardly had a chance to cook!  This evening the crews from Sarah Brooks, Arctic Star, Yukoner and Aquila all joined us for dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant.  The new owners of NWE, Ross and Evie met up with us for dinner. They will be joining us for the rest of the flotilla and we are thrilled to have them along.

With the boats all together on the dock this evening, it was easy to visit with one another.  Boat tours were given and it was fun to see the different boat layouts.  We watched the sky turn pink as the sun set on another great day.

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