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2018 San Juan Flotilla Day 5: Stuart Island to Rosario Resort

The sunrise came bright and early and clear this morning, lighting up Reid harbor with a rosy pink glow.  One by one our crews began to stir.  Soaking in the tranquil morning.  We did not have far to travel today, so instead of taking a straight shot we wound our way back and forth through the islands sightseeing.

Our first detour was a circumnavigation of Stuart Island.  This allowed for all of the crews to see the Turn Point Lighthouse without making the ~5-mile trek (my hiking companions insist that it was 8!).  We had sunny skies and flat water to cruise on.  As we rounded Turn Point, we had magnificent views of Mt. Baker as well.

Next, we decided to go back for a second look at the exotic creatures on Speiden Island.  Our search was rewarded!  We saw multiple small groups of Sika deer and Fallow deer grazing on the slopes of the island.  Along the shoreline we saw more bald eagles and harbor seals.  We even saw a few females with their pups lying nearby and one nursing.

Arriving at Rosario Resort in the early afternoon gave us plenty of time to explore the grounds of this beautiful and historic resort.  We attended a piano and pipe organ concert featuring photos from the early 1900s documenting the amazing life of Robert Moran and the early settlement history of Seattle and the San Juan Islands.  A truly fascinating and enjoyable afternoon!

After having dinner at the local restaurants and listening to some more live music, each crew enjoyed a quiet night on board.  We were happy to be in the small marina of Rosario rather in the towns bustling with those celebrating the holiday.  Happy Fourth of July from the San Juan Islands!

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