2018 San Juan Flotilla Day 7: Sucia Island to Bellingham | NW Explorations


2018 San Juan Flotilla Day 7: Sucia Island to Bellingham

After one last quiet night at anchor, we broke up our raft, pulled up our anchors and headed home.  The sunrise behind Mt. Baker this morning gave us one last incredible view, before the clouds began to roll in and obscure the mountain.  Our trip back to Bellingham went quickly as we packed our belongings and prepared to depart.

Most of our crews are headed home.  Back to work for some and back to the routines and responsibilities of our daily lives.  Some are headed back to new experiences and exciting news, like a new granddaughter for Mary Jane!  As we drew nearer to Bellingham, our minds wandered back to all of the things we’d left behind for the week.

What a treat it has been to be out on the water away from the many distractions of our lives and for the most part, unplugged.  It was a wonderful way to relax and enjoy quality time together.  There is something wonderful about getting into the rhythm of the tides and the water and the weather.

It was a pleasure to cruise with everyone in this group and we look forward to seeing them on the water again!  Fair winds and calm seas.

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