2020 Alaska Flotilla: Leg 4: Day 8: Warm Springs Bay to Tracy Arm Cove | NW Explorations


2020 Alaska Flotilla: Leg 4: Day 8: Warm Springs Bay to Tracy Arm Cove

Due to the layover at Warm Springs, today we had some catching up to do. We started out early on our way to Tracy Arm Cove.  The water wasn’t glassy but the waves were still relatively small and plenty comfortable as we crossed Chatham Strait and headed for Fredrick Sound.

Chris mentioned to the flotilla that humpback whales were often sighted in Fredrick Sound and to keep an eye out.  By the time we reached the Brother Islands near the Five Finger Light House, we saw our first whales.  As we continued up towards Stephens Passage, we were seeing blows all around us, near and far! We all were surrounded, so we slowed to an idle and watched the humpbacks all about.  Thea was treated to a great show as whales approached and then passed directly behind her.  Further ahead, Deception had to throttle back as a humpback surfaced right in our path!  I grabbed my camera and got a picture of its blow hole as it swam along our port side! They are extremely big when they are that close!

By the time we were almost to Tracy Arm, I had lost track of how many whales we had seen in the past hour and a half but we made a conservative estimate of at least twenty-five! As we approached Tracy Arm, we began to see a few small icebergs floating here and there and one last humpback lazily swimming outside the inlet.

As we passed Harbor island and entered the narrow passage into Tracy Arm, we were greeted by beautiful blue icebergs of all shapes and sizes! We made our way into Tracy Arm cove and shortly after anchoring, Bailey, Mindy and Jane were out kayaking around the icebergs, in awe of their color and size! Mindy broke off a small piece of ice and as we passed it around, we commented on its clarity. It was as clear as glass and extremely dense due to the immense pressure during its formation 15,000 years ago (give or take a few thousand years).

We continued to kayak until we decided it was time to turn in for the night.  Another glassy calm night in this serene wilderness surrounded by beauty. Does it get any better than this?

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