2020 Alaska Flotilla: Leg 5: Day 8: Wrangell to Meyers Chuck | NW Explorations


2020 Alaska Flotilla: Leg 5: Day 8: Wrangell to Meyers Chuck

The day opened with flat calm, glassy conditions for our voyage from Wrangell to Meyers Chuck, perfect whale watching conditions but, alas, Dall’s porpoise were our only viewing as they sprinted across the water with their characteristic rooster tail.  As we carefully made our way into the quaint settlement of Meyer’s Chuck everyone throttled back as we weaved our way in through the rock piles. There was plenty of space at the dock for three of us so Arctic Star rafted to Deception.

Once securely tied, we placed our order for fresh cinnamon rolls with Cassey, the Post-master of Meyers Chuck, to be delivered warm the following morning. Many of us struck out for a short walk through the woods past the letter box where we could mail out post cards at the top of the dock, past the closed “art gallery” and past the metal slide in the middle of the forest on our way to the tide pools on the point.

While checking out sculpins, anemones, limpets, urchins, sea stars etc.…Tristan, Sebastian and Finn were all surprised to see that anemones will devour limpets and mussels if given the chance. We all hiked back to the dock where we passed Mike enjoying a cigar at the top of the dock.  Meg took a kayak and enjoyed the beauty and quiet solitude while Sydney and Rick took their dingy outside to do a bit of fishing. Sydney was elated to have caught a small king salmon (which she released) and a good-sized pink which would be dinner! After dinner, both Tristan and Sebastian, from Arctic Star, and Sydney and Meg, from Thea, went outside to try their luck at fishing. Both came back with a pink salmon and Meg and Sydney watched a Minke whale swim past as they were reeling in their second pink salmon!

We finished this beautiful, calm day with a perfect view of a colorful red and orange sunset. Arctic Star would be leaving early for Ketchikan tomorrow, Bo hung out with us on Deception while his mom and brothers were fishing and we were pleased to have his company.

After the fish were cleaned and eaten and the laughter and socializing had come to a close, we all settled in for a comfortable evening while visions of cinnamon rolls danced in our heads.


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