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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 1 Leg 1

Ketchikan to Meyers Chuck

Wow! What a great way to kick off the 2021 Mother Goose Flotilla season. After the challenges of the past year all of our crews are feeling grateful and excited to be traveling again! We experienced unusually sunny weather in Ketchikan for this time of the year as we readied the boats for our upcoming adventure. The weather held for our guests’ arrival, sightseeing trips, and provisioning and preparation day in Ketchikan. After many trips back and forth to the nearby Safeway and fishing store we were feeling ready to depart.

The Alaska sun rises just after 4:30am this time of year, so each crew had plenty of time for the anticipation to build before our 8am departure this morning. As we walked the docks preparing to cast off lines the excitement (and maybe some nerves!) were running high. With the help of our capable flotilla captain, Jordan, all of our crews dusted off the cobwebs of the Covid year and piloted their vessels expertly out of the harbor.

Not ten minutes out in the Tongass Narrows we spotted our first humpback of the trip! We watched as it surfaced a few times and then did a deep dive, sending up its tail fluke. As we exited the Tongass Narrows the water opened up in front of us where the Behm Canal and Clarence Strait meet. Snow capped peaks surrounded us as we cruised through the strait on calm bright blue water on the lookout for wildlife. After a couple of sightings of Dall’s porpoise and two more humpbacks we arrived at Meyers Chuck.

Meyers Chuck has long been a Flotilla favorite at NW Explorations. What started as a small fishing village is now a homey mix of year-round homesteaders and vacation getaways. The dock was full on our arrival so we rafted all six boats together in the anchorage, creating our own little floating city for the night. A group of us went to shore for a walk in the forest and some beach combing. The tide was way out and we spotted sea stars, urchins and clams. We sat on the beach soaking in the sunshine and the glorious scenery in front of us.

Once back, our crews joined us for a happy hour on Deception. It was nice to meet and mingle with everyone. We have groups from Oregon, Florida, Missouri, California, Arizona and even Chile on this trip! After some lovely conversation and tasty appetizers our crews went back to their own boats to settle in for the evening and watch the sunset from our secure raft. All is well here in SE Alaska!

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