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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 1 Leg 2

Sitka to Klag Bay

After spending a couple of days exploring Sitka, it was finally time to begin Leg 2! Crew changes were made, and we gained new guests aboard Eldean, Thea and Arctic Star. Yesterday was spent provisioning, stowing, sorting, prepping and going through the vessel systems with each new crew. It was a busy day and we were all happy to take a break for a meet and greet on Deception. We had a nice little happy hour aboard our lead boat where each crew introduced themselves and got to know one another.

It was a rainy morning as we prepared to cast off our lines and head out into the wilderness. Bald eagles chittered around the harbor, swooping low over our boats and putting on quite the show. There was excitement in the air as each boat fired up their engines and left the dock. Stellar sealions right outside the harbor were busy with their salmon breakfast. We watched as they surfaced with the fish in their mouths and thrashed about. A few of the bald eagles dove in to try and pick up the scraps.

We navigated our way through Olga and Neva straights to the Salisbury Sound. We cruised passed a handful of salmon trollers and other small fishing charter boats. Once out in the sound we began to feel the ocean swell rocking our boats. Not all of our crews loved the feeling, but all of them handled the seas well. We spotted a few sea otters and a variety of sea birds including common murres, murrelets, auklets and petrels.

We tucked in among some small islands and reefs and got out of the waves as we headed toward the narrow entrance to Klag Bay. We anchored in the back of Klag Bay in a very tranquil little cove. This was the site of a busy gold & silver mine in the early 1900s. It was fascinating to poke around on the shore and look at all of the old machinery and buildings that had been left behind when the mine was abandoned.

After spending the afternoon out in the rain setting crab pots, fishing, and exploring our crews settled in for a cozy evening onboard. Thea and Bonum Vitae chose to raft with Deception while the others anchored individually. The rain came and went throughout the evening. After a full and eventful day on the water it was a great, calm ending to the day.

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