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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 10 Leg 2

Cannery Cove to Tracy Arm

We woke to a beautiful morning in Cannery Cove. The lush green mountainsides were glowing in the morning sun and the melting snow created countless small cascades around the circular basin. The crabbers had had a successful night and brought their catch to Deception to be cleaned and cooked.

Still feeling enthused after the excitement of last night’s large halibut catch, our crews headed out to see if the fish were biting this morning. They hadn’t had enough when it was time to depart so we decided to stop along the shelf where Eldean’s halibut was caught and do a little jigging from our boats on the way out. We had a few bites and Arctic Star caught a rockfish, but the king-sized halibut we were hoping for remained elusive.

A low marine layer of fog covered the strait as we fished. By the time we turned our bows north it had mostly burned off and we enjoyed another lovely blue-sky cruise. We poked around between the Brother islands watching the sea otters and pigeon guillemots on the water. After that it was a fairly straight, calm cruise up to Tracy Arm Cove. As we got closer we began to see large icebergs floating on the water.

Once to our anchorage, Deception took care of topping off the boats that were running low on fuel and water. After everyone was settled in for the evening we headed out in our dinghies to get a closer look at the ice floating by. We scooped up some of the smaller pieces to use in our coolers and drinks and marveled at the sculpted shapes of the larger bergs.

Exact joined Deception for dinner this evening and we cooked up some of the freshly caught halibut from the day before for a delicious meal. Tony and Helayne have been onboard since Ketchikan and they feel like family at this point! It’s been really great getting to know them over the past month and we’ve enjoyed having them along for Legs 1 & 2 this summer.

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