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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 11 Leg 1

Appleton Cove to Deep Bay

We had a short trip today through Peril Strait to Deep Bay. Along the way we saw a few humpbacks spouting in the distance. We also had some nice views of a pair of Bald eagles in their nest. The weather remained cloudy and drizzly, but the predicted winds never came up and we enjoyed a calm cruise through the strait.

We arrived at Deep Bay in the early afternoon and rafted five of the boats together tucked behind a small island in the cove. Exact chose to anchor on their own tonight and found a nice, secluded spot at the back of the bay. Our crews are all fully in the rhythm of life on board after the past week and a half. The raft came together quickly, even with three anchors and shore ties being set. By the time we were settled the dinghies and kayaks were already launched and the fishers and crabbers in the group were already off giving it a final try.

It’s hard to believe that this is our last night out on this trip! Tomorrow we head to Sitka and most of our crews fly home shortly after that. To enjoy one last night together, Deception hosted the group for a potluck dinner. Captain Jordan cooked up a bunch of the halibut caught the day before using Deception’s secret recipe. We had a delicious feast of fish and other great dishes from the other boats. There was a lot of lively conversation as all the crews chatted about their shared experiences on this adventure. We had a great time looking back at our photos and seeing all of the fun, adventure and beautiful sights that have filled this trip.

While our crews all come from different parts of the country and world and have very different backgrounds, we also all share a lot in common. This has been a delightful group of people to travel with over the past week and a half and we are sad to see them go. Luckily, we don’t have to wave goodbye to everyone tomorrow since Tony & Helayne on Exact and Dave and Janet on Thea will be continuing with us on Leg 2 to Juneau. To the rest of the group: bon voyage, safe travels, and we look forward to cruising with you again in the future!

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