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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 2 Leg 3

Taku Harbor to Tracy Arm Cove

La Vida and Exact pulled up full crab pots this morning! Deception got skunked on crab but did pull up a huge Sunflower sea star in their crab pot. We watched its thousands of tube feet reaching into the bait box for pieces of chicken. It was the largest sea star any of us had ever seen.

As we cruised down Stephen’s Passage today the snowcapped peaks of Admiralty Island lined the shore off our starboard side. After a while, we spotted a humpback whale up ahead. As we neared, we slowed down to watch. We saw as it surfaced nearby multiple times and did a couple of deep dives, sending up its tail fluke.

Each crew chose their own spot to anchor this evening in Tracy Arm Cove. Though the rain had set in by the time of our arrival our crews were not deterred. We cruised out in our dinghies to admire some of the large ice bergs and bergy bits floating by. It is amazing to get up close to these massive ice chunks and see the deep blue color of the dense ice as well as the fascinating ways in which the ice begins to erode and get sculpted by the rain, wind and seawater.

Deception hosted a potluck dinner this evening and the group squeezed onboard accompanied by loads of delicious food and drink. The salon was full of conversation, laughter and warmth on the otherwise chilly, quiet and misty evening. With a break in the rain, we all headed out on deck to watch the polar plunge. Tonight we had another taker join in the challenge, young Finn from Bonum Vitae’s crew! The Deception crew and Jeff from Thea all jumped in the truly icy water to stay in the competition another day.

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