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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 2 Leg 4

Appleton Cove to Baranof Warm Springs

We awoke at a more leisurely 8:00 a.m. this morning and were greeted by another beautiful sunny day. La Vida got an earlier start and departed for Warm Springs ahead of the rest of the fleet. Arctic Star also decided to take a detour from the scheduled itinerary. The remainder of the fleet departed Appleton Cove together and headed back out into Peril Straits.

As we turned the corner and entered Peril Strait we spotted out first Humpback at McClellan Rock.  Exact had the front row seat and was treated to a few breaches while the rest of us looked on from a bit further, coveting their view. To the east Peril Strait feeds into the larger Chatham Strait, a much bigger body of water that can serve up some weather; however, today it was calm and perfect for more whale watching.

We decided to travel closer to shore with its interesting sculpted grey rock formations crowned with huge Spruce and Hemlock reaching out over the water. As we cruised by Kasnyky Bay, we stopped at Waterfall Cove to admire Kasnyky Falls. As each boat moved in closer to the falls it provided a perspective of scale that clarified the tremendous size of this 300-400 foot waterfall!  Further south at Takatz Bay an active humpback drew our attention for about 20 minutes with its repetitive tail lobbing, providing us all with entertainment and great photo opportunities.

Shortly after arriving in Warm Springs, La Vida, who had arrived earlier, radioed that there was room for one more boat on the dock so Eldean moved in. Thea found a cozy anchorage in Schooner Cove while Bonum Vitae, Exact and Deception anchored in “Brown Bear Bay” aptly named by Capt. Chris for the brown Bear that frequented the shores last year.

Tom, Nancy, Val and Jim from Exact rafted alongside Deception and invited us over to share a drink, laughter and stories. Rick and Cheryl popped over in the dingy and informed us that Thea had caught a 44”, 60 lb Halibut right off their anchor! A delicious ending to a perfect day!


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