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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 3 Leg 5

Warm Springs to Red Bluff Bay

Another beautiful sunny morning promises more grand adventures as we depart Warm Springs for Red Bluff Bay. Heading south in Chatham Strait on calm seas and under blue skies with spectacular views of the snowcapped mountains on Admiralty and Baranof islands on either side makes the two hour journey delightful.

The head of Red Bluff is easy to recognize with iron and chromite rich rocks and stunted trees. As we turn into the fjord we are surrounded by spectacular snowcapped peaks rising vertically up from the steep walls. Hanging valleys left by the glacial retreat are draped with numerous water falls cascading down the walls. A large stream flows into the head of the bay and opens into large grassy flats, perfect brown bear habitat.

Many boats in the fleet all rafted together while Exact chose to anchor separately tonight. After lunch, kayaks and dinghies were launched, fishing lines were baited, and crab and prawn pots were set.  Gabbie, Sam, Susanna and Jane kayaked across the bay to get a closer look at the large waterfall and later ventured upstream as far as the outflow current would allow.

Emmanuel caught his first crab and it was a giant, too big to measure with the tool, at least 7 inches across the carapace!  He decided to try again and caught another big one which inspired him to set his pot over night. Russell caught a big keeper too, so Matt and Ben cooked up the crab for them. Todd tried his hand at prawn fishing and was pleased when caught 30+ prawns which he and Judy later shared with the Deception crew.  Many of us had never had the opportunity to eat fresh spot prawns, they are outstanding!

Asher and Dylan tried their luck fishing from Bonum Vitae’s bow, and later the entire family took their dingy to the beach for an adventure that included spotting brown bear tracks on the sandy banks. Bears were seen grazing on the shore for a short time, but they disappeared back into the trees before everyone had a chance to see them.

Rafting allows everyone opportunities to socialize so guests moved about, sharing stories and laughter. Everyone agreed that Red Bluff Cove is indeed an awe-inspiring wilderness experience. We had a quiet and calm night and Emmanuel is looking forward to checking his crab pot in the morning.

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