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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 4 Leg 3

Tracy Arm to Cannery Cove

We woke to a dense fog in Tracy Arm Cove this morning. Due to the reduced visibility we decided to delay our departure by an hour and wait for the clouds to lift. After a peaceful, slow morning, the sun did indeed begin to burn off the clouds and we cruised out into Stephen’s Passage. The visibility was much better in the channel and we even had views of the mountains of Admiralty Island. On foggy days like today, it’s always impressive to think back to the mariners of who traveled these waters for hundreds of years without any of our modern instruments to help them navigate.

It was a calm and scenic cruise down through the channel. We spotted multiple humpback whales spouting around us. A tour through the Brother Island group revealed a large Stellar sea lion colony on the rocky shore. One giant bull sat atop the highest rock surrounded by many females and smaller sea lions. From our boats we could hear the loud roaring and gurgling sounds they made.

Shortly after, we pulled into the beautiful anchorage of Cannery Cove. At the entrance to the cove we saw a large brown bear foraging along a grassy beach. At the head of the bay is a large circular mountain basin covered in the most lush green vegetation you can imagine and streaming with waterfalls all around. It is a beautiful, scenic spot to spend an evening.

Our crews all chose to anchor individually this evening. After everyone was settled, we went over to the Pybus Bay Lodge for a visit and to check out their gift shop. Pybus is a beautiful, high class fishing lodge. It’s a small, remote lodge but it has all the amenities you could ever want. We enjoyed watching the fishing boats come in with their catch and seeing the expert team get to work fileting and packaging all of the fish.

After dinner, Jeff and John joined the Deception crew for an evening fishing excursion. We weren’t out long before Andy hooked a large halibut and Finn reeled it in! It was a lovely, 35lb fish. We stayed out to watch the sunset, which this time of year right after the solstice is not until about 10pm. It was a beautiful night and the fish was large enough to make a nice meal for all seven of our boats.

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