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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 4 Leg 5

Red Bluff to Explorer Basin

Crab pots were picked before leaving this majestic bay and Emmanuel and Sean’s efforts were rewarded with 2 more crab each. Todd picked his prawn pot that he had left at a depth of 300 feet and was thrilled to catch more beautiful spot prawns!

We slowly made our way out into Chatham Strait where the water and wind were calm and welcoming for our journey to Explorer Basin. While the rest of the fleet followed the course on the chart plotter, Bonum Vitae and La Vida hugged the eastern shore and were rewarded with more wildlife sightings including a black bear, Dalls porpoise and some humpback whales.

As we cruised through the Tebenkof Bay Wilderness, blows were becoming numerous and we all became more attentive in our anticipation of whale encounters. Just before Point Ellis, outside Bay of Pillars, the show began. The wind was picking up and building the waves a bit but we were all keen to stay and watch the show. We were treated to numerous humpback sightings of synchronized dives, the occasional sea otter, sea lions and flocks of red-necked phalaropes flying in coordinated turns that caused them to appear and disappear with each turn.

We enjoyed the show for a good hour but the seas and winds were building and we were ready to find refuge in nearby Explorer Basin. Within a few minutes we were again in flat calm water where we were greeted by sea otters and eagles. Much of the fleet rafted together and Bonum and Exact found quiet protected coves to anchor for the evening. Kayaks were unloaded, dinghies were lowered and crab and prawn pots were set. Everyone enjoyed their chosen activity and Jane was left to kayak out to the point and check out the tide pools filled with colorful anemones, chiton, sculpin and pink coralline algae.

That evening, Todd invited anyone who was interested over to La Vida for a prawn decapitation party. Later were all socialized over drinks and appetizers including delicious spot prawns that many of us were tasting for the first time. Russell and Emmanuel both agreed that the Dungeness crab they had caught in Red Bluff was the BEST crab they had ever tasted. Russell exclaimed that they were so excellent that they needed no butter or added sauces, they were perfect just freshly cooked. We all had to agree!

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