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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 6 Leg 5

Saginaw Bay to Snug Harbor

After breaking up the raft, we had just started our departure when a black bear ventured out onto the beach for a morning snack and a photo-op. Bonum Vitae announced that they would be going off to Haines to visit some friends and we were sorry to see Sean and Hilary and the four boys go but wished them a good voyage.

The cruise across Stephens Passage was a little bouncy with three-foot seas and twenty-two knots of sustained wind and rain but it as soon as we reached the lee of the Brother Islands, things settled down to our usual forecast of “waves two feet or less” and easing wind. Snug Harbor was indeed snug and calm and made for a perfect and quiet anchorage. Upon settling in, Arctic Star, Exact, Eldean, Todd from La Vida and Jane all went for a beach walk along the broad shores exposed by the minus-three-foot tide. We walked up a small stream into untouched wilderness/bear habitat where Todd pointed out some bear prints.

Matt and Ben returned with to pick us up with two of the dinghies while the rest of us worked together to carry Exact’s dingy down to the waters edge. After returning, Russell and Sam checked their crab pot that held a gargantuan male that was too large to measure with the crab gage! Everyone gathered around to admire the massive crab and Russell was grinning for ear to ear. Todd caught a sizeable sunflower star in his pot and, although not edible, it is wonderful to see them here since most of the sunflower star population in Washington and BC waters were decimated by Denzovirus which virtually eliminated them in that area.

The water was glass calm as evening fell, the tide returned water to areas of the harbor that were previously exposed. While rafted boaters visited with each other, Jane took the opportunity to kayak in the evening silence, gliding along the edges of the bay. A curious harbor seal followed the kayak to offer company. Summer nights never get very dark in these northern latitudes and consequently the raft was easily located even with all the lights out and only 2 anchor lights as a guide. The perfect quiet ending to another lovely day.

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