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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 6 Leg 6

Thomas Bay- Roosevelt Harbor, Zarembo Island

The unzipping of the raft went smoothly as everyone now is very used to the gig and has become quite expert at the maneuvers. Soft low clouds are still draped over the surrounding mountains surrounding Thomas and the small islands within it but bright blue sky creates a beautiful effect that is very uplifting. Towards the narrow exit the sun is shining fully on the point. The white beaches, turquoise water and full sun give it the incongruous appearance of the Caribbean at 56 degrees N latitude!

The entrance to Roosevelt Harbor was marked by a small rocky island with a simple bird sculpture atop. Upon entering the harbor, we noticed a sturdy pier with a ramp and dock likely, constructed by Fish and Wildlife, with numerous cars parked on the hillside. After completing the raft, Konstantin decided to fly his drone while Marnie, Marina and Jane prepared to go ashore for a walk along the roads. At the top of the dock a sign read, “Vehicles parked longer than 14 days may be subject to a fine of up to $1,000”. Also stated, “End of Enforcement Zone”. The second sentence must have been more meaningful as most of the fifty or so vehicles had flat tires, were moss covered, overgrown with brush and had clearly been there for more than two weeks.

A young man at the top of the dock was filling his ATV with fuel. Strapped to the front was a hunting rifle. During a friendly conversation he mentioned that Zarembo Island has a dense population of deer, a few wolves and the occasional bear. We checked out the map at the top of the trail and headed out. The trees were draped with long masses of moss and lichens and the underbrush was thick with berries, devils club and skunk cabbage. Marina commented that it reminded her of the Russian children’s stories that she heard as a child like Little Red Riding Hood. After walking about half a mile, the rain was coming down in earnest, not good conditions for a camera so, after reaching an overlook of an estuary, we decided to turn back.

While we were walking, Konstantin, Dave, Lydia and Luka all went kayaking out to explore a small island with the sculpture at the entry of the bay. In the evening, Donna, Larry, Pam and Bright of Bonum Vitae invited everyone over for happy hour and appetizers. Todd, Judy and Keith came over with a generous bowl of cooked prawns which became the focus of attention. A light misty rain continued but Bonum Vitae has many comfortable covered areas, laughter and conversation filled the evening. This would be Ashley and Lindsey’s last evening on board Eldean. They will fly out from Wrangle tomorrow and Eldean will welcome Matt and Erika, two of Dave and Debbie’s other adult children, aboard. What a great way to share the experience with everyone.

Roosevelt Harbor’s peaceful and calm anchorage provided us all with another restful sleep in preparation for our short journey to Wrangell tomorrow.

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