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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 7 Leg 3

Red Bluff Lay Day

Ahh, what is more luxurious than a lay day?! Our crews enjoyed a true sleep in and a slow start to the morning. The fog had remained in the bay which unfortunately meant that Migs and Bing’s son Bagley’s flight in to join us was cancelled. Fingers crossed that the weather clears and he can join us tomorrow in Baranof Warm Springs.

A late morning shore excursion with the Thea crew revealed an incredibly lush forest. The adventurous Hockert family joined us as we tramped up a small creek before bushwhacking into the thick forest of ancient spruce trees. The ground was spongy with thick moss covering everything. We zig zagged around the thorny stalks of the Devil’s club and gazed longingly at the many huckleberry bushes not quite ripe yet. Once we popped out into the meadow we were surrounded by wildflowers. We trekked along the slippery, kelp covered intertidal zone until the incoming tide stopped us.

This afternoon, Deception pulled anchor and invited everyone aboard for a little fishing excursion. We cruised out to the mouth of the bay with the Thea crew, John and Hal from La Vida, and Mike and his grandson Finn from Bonum Vitae. Once out at the appropriate depth we began to fish. The fishing was slow, but we did catch a few rockfish. It was a fun way to spend the afternoon all hanging out together and fishing in this beautiful, remote location. The Thea gals, Jolie and Soleil, joined us inside for a little knot tying and bracelet making.

La Vida offered to host a happy hour this evening on their back deck. Most of the crews joined for a little social time and a boat tour. La Vida is the biggest boat in our group this summer; she’s a 64’ Out Islander and is a one of a kind build. We had a great time swapping stories and sharing food and drinks. The Eldean crew had taken an afternoon kayak and reported seeing three brown bear in the meadow! Jim & Cindy from Arctic Star had also spotted a bear from their dinghy cruise.

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