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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 7 Leg 6

Roosevelt Bay to Wrangle

It was an easy short passage from Roosevelt Harbor to Wrangle today and the harbor master assigned Deception, Eldean, Exact, Thea and Arctic Star to the same side of the same dock with La Vida and Bonum Vitae on the next dock over making it very convenient for us all to be so close together. Shortly after receiving a map of Wrangle and a few ideas of places to go, each boat made their own plans for provisioning and site seeing.  A petroglyph beach dingy ride and hike was planned later in the day during the low tide.

Thea got a great deal on fresh sockeye salmon so many of the rest of us followed suit and purchased some for ourselves. At 4:00 Arctic Star, Thea and Bonum Vitae all took the dinghies and then hiked about a mile outside of town to the petroglyphs. Along the way we sampled salmon berries and thimble berries; most preferred the latter.

The beach with the petroglyphs has a small interpretive area that explains what little is known for certain about the petroglyphs. We all headed down to the beach and began searching for the carvings which was fun for everyone. Each time a petroglyph was located, it was shared with the group and we tried to determine what it might represent. Some were obvious and others more cryptic, but the search was entertaining.

Before leaving the beach, we took a group photo, Chris had ridden down on the fold-up bike to meet us at the beach. On our way back to the dinghies, we searched for more thimble berries and chatted with each other about Shakes Island long house or other excursions folks had checked out. Along the walk there is some cleaver artwork, a giant carved wooden crab and trap and throughout the town, colorful standing bear sculptures each with its own design.

After walking past the Stikine Inn and smelling the grilled steaks, many of the groups decided to go out for dinner. Others of us made our way back to the boats and turned in for a restful evening before our big day tomorrow at Anan Creek.

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