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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 8 Leg 3

Red Bluff Bay to Baranof Warm Springs

We woke to a beautiful morning in Red Bluff Bay. The fog that had lingered through our stay was finally lifting and the tall peaks of Baranof Island towered above us. Thin layers of cloud still clung to the mountainsides, shifting with the breeze. The tide was way out and the mud flats began to steam as the morning sun hit them.

We pulled our anchors and headed back out into Chatham Strait. Thick fog cloaked the middle of the channel, but the visibility was good where we were. Just the tops of the mountains on Kuiu Island showed above the clouds. The strait was nearly unrecognizable under these calm, sunny conditions. We enjoyed a short cruise with great mountain views on our way to Baranof Warm Springs.

There was only room on the dock for three of our boats so the rest of us found little coves around the bay to anchor in. Baranof Warm Springs Bay is a gorgeous spot with a giant waterfall at the head of the bay and lush green mountains surrounding on all sides. Each little cove had its own distinct and secluded feel with beautiful scenery all around. A short hike from the main dock takes you to the serene Baranof Lake with its glacially turquoise water. This would be the site for the polar plunge this evening.

The rest of the crews headed for the warmer water. The natural hot springs in Baranof are located right next to the rushing river and are a delightful place for an afternoon soak. We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine, exploring the saltwater lagoon and doing a bit of fishing and crabbing. The boys from La Vida caught another halibut!

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