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2021 Alaska Flotilla – Day 9 Leg 2

Baranof Warm Springs to Cannery Cove

We pulled out of Baranof Warm Springs under bright blue skies. Chatham strait was uncharacteristically glassy today, but we weren’t complaining! It was a gorgeous cruise across the strait with the snowy mountains of Baranof Island behind us. Once at Surprise point on Admiralty Island we decided to stop and fish for a while to take advantage of the good weather. All of our crews had great luck! Arctic Star, Eldean and Bonum Vitae all caught lingcod of keeping size and Exact got a 26” halibut.

Deception collected the fish and Andy and Hannah got to work fileting on the back deck. As we continued around Admiralty Island toward Pybus Bay, we found a group of humpback whales feeding. We killed our engines and watched excitedly as a few of the whales swam right through the fleet. It was a magical moment standing on deck and listening to the whales surface and breathe around us.

We got into Pybus bay in the late afternoon and anchored up. The guys on Eldean had some unfinished business with a large halibut here in Pybus. Fifteen years ago Kelly had hooked the big one just outside the bay, but after a long fight where the fish towed the boat for over a half mile the fish finally got away. Today, out at the same spot, Jeff hooked an 80 lb halibut and Kyle reeled it in! We heard a plea on the radio for help landing it, and the Deception crew shot off to help. The fishermen returned with triumphant grins and a 52” halibut! What an afternoon.

The rest of us had good luck setting the crab pots and bear watching from our boats. We watched as two large brown bear sauntered onto the beach and foraged for a while in the sedges. At one point the second bear must have gotten a bit too close to the first because there was a great chase across the beach. We all ate well this evening on our freshly caught seafood. Bonum Vitae, Deception and Eldean all shared a nice meal together with plenty of good fish stories and conversation.

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