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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 1A, Day 12 – Port McNeill

One of the ways we celebrate the completion of our trips together, is organizing a friendly photo competition. Each vessel submits four photos, one picture for each of the categories: Nature, People, People in Nature, and the Nature of People. The fleet participated impressively, and each crew submitted a photo that won in one of the four categories! What a fun array of submissions our lead crew had the opportunity to judge.

Nature, Koa Lanai

This picture was taken in Forward Harbour just as the sun was peeking around the islands. One of our favorite things about waking up just before the sun rises is how calm our environment feels on the water. Birds are just waking up, clouds are often just forming, and the water has barely a ripple on it. Incredible capture, Koa crew.

Koa Lanai crew, 1a 2022
People, Arctic Star

Arctic Star was preparing to take this picture of the fleet at our Lagoon Cove happy hour alongside our new sailing friends, when the harbour master insisted on taking it for them. Thus, Arctic Star crew was able to sneak into the picture and it was quite incredible to see most of us all in one place. Thank you Arctic Star.

Arctic Star crew, 1a 2022
The Nature of People, Thea

Thea was able to take quite a once in a lifetime shot of the, “Kelp Catcher Number Nine”, a very well-constructed one of a kind rafting vessel by our new young sailor friend. Building this raft in a nearby cove, his father volunteered to boarded the vessel as it was tow behind their dinghy as him and his mother brought it back to the docks. This is one memory he nor we, will never forget, Thea!

Thea crew, 1a 2022
People in Nature, MOJO

On our walk into the shores of the Blow Hole at Lagoon Cove, MOJO crew caught a very perfect picture of our Technician, Matt, while exploring the low tide critters. It was a very silly scene for our crew to judge, and we are thankful for the documentation. What great timing on this one, MOJO.

MOJO crew, 2022

We are so thankful to have had shared such special times alongside our Leg 1: Part One crew and are looking forward to seeing them again in the near future. For now, we prepare to ready our vessels for disembarking on our Leg 1: Part Two explorations. Our lead crew cannot wait to meet our new fleet and get us all out on the water, making way towards our adventures of crossing Queen Charlotte Strait.

P.S. Is Alaska on your bucket list? We can take you there! Email us to reserve your spot on our 2023 Mother Goose AK Flotilla. charters@nwexplorations.com 

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