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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 1A, Day 5 – Prideaux Haven Lay Day

Climbing out of bed to Prideaux Haven’s stillness felt a bit like we were still dreaming. Coffee was sipped and kayaks were launched, heading into a day full of wonder.

One of the reasons we like to start our days so early is due to the calm we can find before the sun rises high in the sky, sending winds and currents throughout the inlets. As a few of us cruised along the coastlines of Melanie Cove, the receding tide was the perfect time to catch a glimpse at low intertidal critters. A lot of the time these invertebrates can sense a tide drop by increasing temperature, but when the waters drop fast there is a brief moment of them catching up.

Prideaux haven offers a gorgeous route of small waterways through stunning islets, and exploring by kayak presented a stillness that allowed for us to get close to nearby wildlife with little disturbance. It was hard to miss that the coves were surrounded by stunning peaks at high altitudes, snow dusted and striking. Peering below the surface to the shallow areas of a ebbing tide, the local marine residents welcomed us with curiosity and vibrance.

After the fleet returned from our morning adventures, a few of us embarked on hike through Prideaux Peninsula over to Laura Cove, walking in lush green and crossing frigid creeks. As the sun snuck higher in the sky, we were engulfed such an inviting golden green.

Throughout the coves you can find scattered fruit trees, as there were once english homesteads in this area dated as far back as the 1860’s. It’s noted that with fruit trees and vegtables gardens being fertilized by seaweeds, these interconnecting coves proved to be quite the sustainable haven. Presumably named by british captains the significance is still unknown. However, Prideaux has been deemed a misspelling of the french word, “prie-dieux”, meaning, “Pray God” for this haven offering protection and a safe anchorage.

Making our way back through the trails from Laura to Melanie Cove, another group of us then scaled the peninsula and were able to explore what felt like an entirely different ecosystem. Dense ferns were traded for plush mosses and scattered nurse logs for pockets of wildflowers.

Experiencing the shift from spring to summer in Desolation Sound has offered such an incredible experience with not only the flora, but the fauna. Our trekking is filled with soundtracks of chattering birds, scurrying animals, and buzzing insects. Drawing our attention to the vast extend of new growth we see with every piece of natural life around us.

Ending our last explorations of the day with a bird’s eye view of our rafted fleet, we relished in the moment of how gorgeous it feels to be existing in such a rich experience. These past few days have been filled of incredible connection to the world around us and the crew by our sides, not only our own, but the entirety of our community aboard this leg of our flotilla. Washing up and spending the remainder of our lay day in Prideaux Haven with the last bit of sun warming our decks, we spend time alongside each other sharing stories of the adventures we’ve had, and the ones we continuously look forward to come.

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