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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 2 – Snug Cove to Tracy Arm Cove

As we departed Snug Cove pair of Bald eagles perched on the point gently spread their wings, lifted off the rock and took flight overhead. Harbor seals were hauled out on the rocks soaking up the warmth on this beautiful sunny day. Wind was minimal, making calm seas and opportunities for viewing a few more humpback whales quietly moving through the water as they fed.

As we neared Holkum Bay we could see the summit of Mt. Sumdum with an elevation of 6,666 feet and on its flank was the icy blue Sumdum glacier. The entry of Holkum Bay is lined by a fence line of smooth granite pinnacles that resemble giant teeth with white tips, growing darker as they approach the waters edge. Just behind the granite fence is a small pathway devoid of trees that I have always imagined to be a protected private sandy area between the forest and the granite pillars.

As we entered Holkum Bay entrance, we crossed over an ancient glacial moraine left behind thousands of years ago when this fjord was formed. Two canister buoys mark the narrow channel and a few large icebergs foretell tomorrows journey up Sawyer glacier.

After settling into Tracy Arm Cove, Annette, Annetta, Dick and Darren from Thea and Ann and Meredith of Koa Lanai went on a shore excursion with Jane. Viewing the boats from shore offered a different perspective with colorful rounded cobbles, blue-green sedge grass with a backdrop of the nearby forested point and a backdrop of snowcapped mountains.

After returning to the boats Joe, Josephine and Jane went kayaking along the shore to view the numerous flocks of gulls, guillemots and scoters. As groups of Bonaparte’s gulls flew above us, we marveled at the graceful, precise flight patterns that almost seemed choregraphed.

Once we all made our way back to our perspective yachts and settled in for a calm evening with cold drinks, warm meals and well earned rest.

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