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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 3, Day 7 – Red Bluff Bay to Warm Springs

Red Bluff Bay is a magical place. Many memories were made yesterday and this morning more were contributed to the experience. We awoke early to a soft sky casting a pale pink light over the snow fields that rest on the towering mountains. Just as we prepared to release the raft, a brown bear was spotted ambling in the sedge grass along the shore. We paused to watch it, grateful for the opportunity to observe this powerful animal in such a soft and peaceful setting.

We made our way back out single file through the narrow passage we had slipped through just yesterday. Our eyes looked back to catch the last glimpse of the impossibly steep mountains that jutted up from the surface of the bay to elevations that made us crane our necks to behold. Just as we entered Chatham Strait and were underway headed North, our attention was pulled to a continuous slapping and splashing on our port side close to the shore.

It was a tail lobbing humpback whale, raising its flukes as high as it could and then slapping them against the surface. It may have been stunning fish but more likely, it was communicating to others nearby, “Here I am!” It continued to slap and entertain us until we decide we had better be on our way. The wind encouraged a few white caps and we spotted other whales feeding along the way to Warm Springs.

Upon entering the inlet to the fjord, we were out of the wind and in flat calm water. The massive waterfall at the head of the bay was immediately evident even almost 2 miles away. Thea chose the front row seats in front of the falls. Arctic Star chose a bay to the south and the rest of us rafted or stern-tied in a cozy quiet bay to the north. Kayaks and dinghies were launched, and every boat chose their own adventure. Meredith, Milt, and Jane went kayaking and Milt found a floating bottle with a message in it. We were thrilled and opened it to find various words of advice:

  • Don’t show me the way home.
  • Remember to brush your teeth and don’t do drugs.
  • Always save room for dessert.

We decided that was perfect advice since none of us were ready to go home.

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