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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 4, Day 2 – Appleton Cove to Warm Springs Bay

Morning broke gently with a hint of a rainbow forming in the mist shrouded valley. It was a calm night, and everyone rested well after yesterday’s hike. Upon leaving Appleton Cove we entered Peril Strait before threading our way through the scenic Thatcher Channel and the Trader Islands with salmon jumping all around us.

Chatham Strait is wide and oriented such that southwest winds can kick up significant waves making it one of the roughest passages, especially in the winter. However, for our flotilla it was flat calm like a still lake as we made our way to Warm Springs Bay.

We took a short detour into Kasnyku Bay to take advantage of a quick photo opportunity at the impressive 400-foot waterfall that cascades directly into the bay. The rocks that line the shoreline are built like a giant picket fence with grey-white tops that blend into dark grey and then black, with the base having a skirt of golden-brown rock weed.

Other than a few humpback and grebe sightings, the cruise through Chatham Strait was calm and uneventful. Upon entering Warm Springs Bay however, we were pleasantly surprised to see three orcas making their way out of the bay. Thea had the best view as the whales swam directly beside their boat. They looked like two adults and an adolescent, probably transients.

Other than the orcas, the 100-foot water fall at the head of the bay is a spectacular and welcome sight. The source of the water is Baranof Lake. Everyone chose their favorite anchorage, and the crew of Thea shimmied their way in between the purse seiner fishing fleet at the dock giving them easy access to the trails and hot tubs. La Vida got a choice spot tucked into a small alcove now known as, “La Vida Alcove.” Koa Lanai anchored in Brown Bear Cove and the rest of the fleet stern tied or rafted in Schooner Cove.

Each boat chose their own activities, most electing to take their dinghy up to the dock to check out the bathhouse or walk the board walk. Tomorrow, we have a lay day here so there will be plenty of time for more activities.

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