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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 4, Day 3 – Warm Springs Bay Lay Day

We woke to a beautiful calm day shrouded in a bit of mist that promised to lift and expose blue skies. A group of us elected to go kayaking in the mist to get a better look at the intertidal critters that live here. The tide was low, so we were able to see at least four different species of sea stars in various colors, a variety of algae, forage fish, cucumbers and many others. We were an adventurous group and keen to paddle across the bay into a misty cove with steep walls and a creek at the head of the cove. As we paddled, we watched the mist clear into clear blue skies.

After lunch, a shore excursion to Warm Springs was arranged. Thea had a place on the public dock, Tom and Lisa were aboard and showed us the rockfish Ben had caught. We continued walking up the dock as some stopped at the warm public baths that overlook the bay and waterfall; others continued up the board walk trail to the natural hot spring separated from the raging falls only by a narrow rocky ledge, truly a spectacular site!

As we continued up the trail, we spied Ben flyfishing at Baranof Lake just above the falls catching cutthroat trout. Ben blended into the environment like he was meant to be there. He had a huge smile on his face as he whipped the line effortlessly back and forth over the river. He caught a fish while we watched and came over to show us the colorful spots and the reason for it being named, “cutthroat” and then released it as it quickly swam away. Tiffany was reading her book and enjoying the solitude up at the lake while Ben fished. Thea would be having fresh rockfish and cutthroat for dinner tonight.

On our way back to the dingy, Suzy met us on the boardwalk and introduced us to a “local” that she was absolutely thrilled to have met. He had a home in Warm Springs that he had built 30 years ago and, although he did not live there year-round, he always returned every summer from San Francisco. In fact, all of the locals pool their money to hire a caretaker to look after the cabins in the winter.  He said there had been 30 feet of snow this past winter and it is a lonely and demanding job to be there in the winter.

After dinner, Deception arranged an impromptu evening cocktail gathering with Dungeness crab sushi to allow everyone a chance to socialize. Thea, Arctic Star and Bonum Vitae all came by for an hour or so and we had a pleasant time socializing. Tomorrow we are off to Red Bluff Bay, about two hours south of here on Baranof Island. Lay Days allow for more relaxed exploring and Warm Springs Bay provides a variety of activities to fit everyone’s desires.

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