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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 5, Day 8 – Wrangell to Santa Anna Inlet

Leaving Wrangell Harbor, we watched an eagle pursue a seagull. The gull tipped and turned in every direction trying to shake the eagle off; each movement by the gull was exactly matched by the eagle as it kept its eyes directly on the gull. Eventually the eagle got tired of the game and flew off in a different direction. I’m sure the gull was relieved to see it go.

The weather was calm with easy winds as we traveled through the narrow Zimovia Strait. Evidence of an old, abandoned Tlingit summer village is visible on the shore if you know what to look for. The beach has been “groomed” with rock weirs once used to concentrate the incoming salmon into spruce root fish traps which have long since rotted away.

It’s a tricky passage, shallow with rock piles and ninety degree turns in the middle of the strait with few buoys or channel markers. Chris advised close attention to charts and to, “Turn where I turn, not when I turn.” Everyone came through slowly and orderly and following the trickiest sections, Gigi, a very experienced and capable boat handler danced with Camile to Flo Rida on the bridge of MOJO. Clearly, the sunshine had lifted their spirits and they were having fun.

Once anchored and rafted in Santa Anna Inlet, the sun came out, kayaks and dinghies were launched as everyone pursued their interests. Mark and JB from Arctic Star tried their hand fishing for the pink salmon that were jumping all around the creek entrance. Frank and Jenny from Thea; Kim, Bob and Bennett from Bonum Vitae and Russell, Trey and Jane all set out for a leisurely kayak.  Hal, Annie, and Nicole took La Vida’s dinghy up the creek.

Trey, Russell, and Annie hiked a short distance up to a small shallow lake covered in lily pads with beautiful blue dragon flies flying over the lake. Annie noticed a curious mink on the shore, and later, she decided to go for a quick dip. Meanwhile, the rest of us kayaked around looking at a hidden waterfall near abandoned rusted cannery equipment. Bob and Bennett adventured on their own and shared some grandpa-grandson alone time chatting and kayaking together.

Following our adventures, we returned to our boats to socialize, relax, prepare dinner, and settle in for another quiet evening surrounded by the beauty and sounds of nature all around us.

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