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2022 Alaska Flotilla – Leg 6A, Day 2 – Foggy Bay to Prince Rupert

We woke early to make our crossing through Dixons Entrance and into Canadian waters. As we passed over the border the fleet listened to the Canadian Anthem over the radio while enjoying calm seas for the passage. Many times in our passage, groups of diving birds were spotted in big groups and alone. We saw several large groups of Murrs come alongside. Murrs are a diving bird that only go to land to lay their eggs. They usually only lay one egg at a time and instead of building a nest they lay it directly on a ledge on a cliff side. They use their large webbed feet to support the egg and the pointed shape of the egg keeps it from falling with nudged.

And of course, we saw many Gulls! Todd and Judy, who are the crew of MOJO, have a goal to identify and capture pictures of as many kinds of Gulls as they can during our trip! There are over 50 species of gulls in the world and about 23 of them can be seen in the Pacific Northwest.

As we finished our crossing and headed into the narrows outside of Prince Rupert the eagles were out and greeting us from the tops of the trees. In the 70’s the bald eagle was put on the endangered species list because the use of DDT was affecting their eggs and making the shells too fragile to survive. After the Endangered Species Act was established in 1978, the eagles have made a comeback. In the Pacific Northwest the eagle population has been happy and healthy through the treats that were presented to eagles in the southern states.

The fleet pulled into Prince Rupert in the late afternoon and was greeted by the friendliest harbour master who helped secure everyone’s lines as we all got cleared by customs. Once we had all gotten through customs our Canadian courtesy flags were hoisted and most of the crews headed to town for a drink and dinner after a good day of cruising. 

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